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Veterinary Services in Fort Myers, FL

For the best veterinary care in the Fort Myers, FL area, call Fort Myers Veterinary Hospital today. We offer a full range of veterinary services including medical, surgical and dental care for your beloved pet. Below is a complete list of what we offer:
Veterinarians Checking Up a Dog - Veterinary Surgery in Fort Myers, FL
• Laser Therapy
We are excited to now be offering Companion Laser Therapy!
• Bathing
We provide medicated and non-medicated bathing
• Counseling
We provide counseling on many aspects of your pets' life. This includes prevention plans for fleas/ticks/heart-worms, wellness and senior screens, behavior issues, dietary choices, and a helping hand in making difficult decisions.
• Identification
We offer microchip implantation, as well as provide Lee County pet licenses as needed.
• Surgical Services
We perform general surgeries including spays and neuters. We can provide a referral to specialists for more complicated cases.
• Dentistry
Our services include teeth cleaning, polishing, tooth extractions and counseling on preventative maintenance.
• Radiology Services
Our on-site radiograph capabilities aide us in diagnosing a sick patient more quickly, and is available for all patients who participate in preventative care screening.
• On-Site Laboratory
Our laboratory provides us with quick results so we can respond promptly to symptoms as needed. This includes serum chemistry, urinalysis, cytology and intestinal parasite screening. We also utilize an outside diagnostic laboratory when appropriate.
• Anesthetic Services
We perform pre-anesthetic blood work and monitor vital signs on all patients undergoing anesthesia. Testing can identify medical risks and ensure your pet's health and safety. A healthy-appearing pet may be hiding symptoms of a disease or ailment. Testing helps us evaluate your pet's health up-front, so we can avoid problems related to anesthesia. If pre-anesthetic results are within normal test ranges, we can proceed with confidence, knowing that the anesthetic risk is minimized. If results are not within normal ranges, we can alter the anesthetic protocol, or take other precautions to safeguard your pet's health and reduce the risk of potential complications. These tests provide baseline levels for your pet and become part of his or her medical record for future reference.
• Emergency Care
If an emergency occurs during normal business hours, please call our office immediately. If it is after-hours, you will receive a message providing information to local emergency clinics.
Veterinarian Carrying Cat - Emergency Pet Care in Fort Myers, FL