2565 N Airport Rd, Fort Myers, FL 33907

Veterinary Hospital in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers Veterinary Hospital proudly serves Fort Myers, Florida and surrounding areas with veterinary services.
We provide compassionate and individualized health care for dogs and cats. We are a full-service veterinary facility providing complete medical and surgical care with advanced surgical monitoring. In addition, our in-house laboratory and radiology units can provide us with same-day results.
Puppy and Kitten Together — Veterinary Services in Fort Myers, FL
We also provide dental education for preventative and long-term oral health care as well as intervention dentistry services when needed. Our extensive pharmacy is available to suit your pet's medical needs as well as our nutritional care center which provides many prescription foods for your pets.
Your pet's health is our top priority and we are committed to providing all of the care and respectful attention that you and your pet need.

What's New

Fort Myers Veterinary Hospital is happy to announce we are now offering digital radiography and laser therapy!

Digital Radiography

Fort Myers Veterinary Hospital is using a different type of X-ray machine that results in less waiting time for the initial picture to send to the computer for viewing.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy speeds up the healing process and minimizes inflammation.
Young Girl Kissing Her Kitten — Veterinary Services in Fort Myers, FL